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Research services in the archives

Welcome to Core History. We are very pleased to see you, very happy to have you here.

At present, Core History consists of two professional historians. We have all the bells and whistles in terms of academic qualifications and experience, and we enjoy working in the commercial sphere where no two days are alike.

So, what can we do for you?

The short answer is that we can pick up, pick apart and solve your research needs and queries. We are solid research historians with lots of different types of archival research experience in different fields and we’ve worked for lots of different clients and employers. We bring unshakeable expertise to you and your project.

Yes, but what does that actually mean?

In practice, this means we can help whether you seek baseline information from the archives such as references or photographs for your own research activity, or you would like in-depth support and/or guidance in carrying out the research activity itself in part or in whole.

The basic thing to remember is that Core History’s remit is anything from some quick answers to the total project. The quick answers are sometimes completely free of charge. If we have information at our fingertips, then we’re happy to pass it on.

We have a short but sweet menu of research services. We run on a bespoke basis and charging is flexible depending on your requirements.

Is Core History REALLY this good?

Yes, we’re good, but we’re not super-beings. We’ll let you know promptly if we’re not the right people for the job. It happens, and it’s just not worth pretending expertise that is held far better by someone else.

If we’re unable to help and you want assistance finding the right person for the job, there’s a good chance we can point you in a positive direction.

What can you expect working with Core History?

You can expect prompt turnarounds on all your work with us. You can also expect your work completed to the highest standards – as if we were doing our own research. Timing estimates are also available, should you so desire.

Research services

We’ve put together a short list of research services which, under one category or another, covers all aspects of research activity.

  • photography: original documents
  • translation: original documents or copies (Latin/French/English)
  • transcription: original documents or copies (English)
  • project management and research
  • troubleshooting

It doesn’t matter if you can’t quite put your finger on which research service you’d like. We have lots of research experience so we know how it’s rarely cut and dried when you reach a roadblock in the records. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to ask.

The first step is to get in touch.

United Kingdom & beyond

Our hub is London, England, and The National Archives at Kew is a special focus. We are personally active across southern England and northern France. We’ve also been known to go to Belgium. In addition, we can provide general assistance with accessing information held in archives across the United Kingdom and France. That includes unscrambling garbled documentary references. Yes, that happens too.

Get in touch with Core History

If you prefer to discuss your requirements over the phone, please make contact via email in the first instance and we will make arrangements from there. Core History’s contact address is at the foot of every page.

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