Things that get embedded in walls

The college of St Nicolas des Courtils, was founded in the early fourteenth century in Bayeux, Normandy, for four then eight canons. It was called ‘Courtils’ as being surrounded by gardens, and lay near the present-day Place de Gaulle with a cemetery that partly occupied the area where the statue of Alain Chartier currently stands. The college fell victim to the dechristianisation of France following the Revolution, and ceased to exist … Read more

No documents? Could be protohistoric

Bayeux, Normandy What does that mean to you? William the Conqueror? The tapestry? A giant cathedral? The D-Day landings? Cider? Well, it also means something else. Something that few people know about. University of Bayeux, 400AD In Bayeux, the big news is given to the Romans (baths! statues! signposts!), various bishops (such as Gerbold, whose legend includes sailing from Britain, flowers springing wherever he walked, a golden ring and a fish), … Read more

Low Tide at Mulberry Harbour in Normandy

Arromanches-les-Bains (Mulberry Harbour), Normandy Arromanches-les-Bains, a small seaside town in Normandy, France, was the site of the WW2 artificial harbour known as Mulberry Harbour. The construction of the harbour used floating hollow concrete blocks of different shapes and sizes according to function and the three photos that follow show some of the surviving harbour components hidden when the water is up. It is possible to walk out onto the sands at … Read more

Vintage vehicles at Mulberry Harbour

Festival of Normandy The Festival of Normandy runs each year in Normandy, France, during the weeks around 6 June commemorating D-Day 1944. During the festival, visitors are treated to displays of vintage vehicles (land, air, sea) and events all across the region. Fewer and fewer veterans now attend, but those that can still make it are revered and respected way beyond celebrity. The festival dates for 2018 are 26th May to … Read more