Jonathan Mackman

Jonathan Mackman BA (Hons) DPhil (York)

‘For me, history is all about the stories. Whether it’s the detailed lives of the rich and famous, the trials and tribulations of particular places or buildings, or tiny fragments of information about otherwise unknown people, all have a story to tell, shedding light on their own history and ours. Tracing their stories through the records, and piecing together those stories from the crumbs left behind, is a large part of the thrill of historical research, as well as the anticipation of what the next discovery may be.’

‘My background is in the administrative and legal history of England, with my DPhil research looking at the people and politics of Lincolnshire in the era of the Wars of the Roses. Since then I have worked on a wide variety of research and archival cataloguing projects, as well as being a commercial researcher, ranging through records and archives from the middle ages to the present day.’

‘But the job of a historical researcher is not just about finding things out for yourself, it’s about helping others to find that missing piece of information, those final pieces of the jigsaw that help everything else make sense. That’s what we’re here for, and what we’re all about.’

Keywords for Jonathan’s published research: taxation, immigration, aliens, Lincolnshire, Common Pleas, London

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