Everything you need for your research

Our essential services support all the practicalities of historical research in libraries and archives. We generally communicate with our clients via email in the interests of speed but we’re happy to work by other methods. If there is anything further that interests you, please let us know. Remember that our client work topics go beyond our own personal research interests.

• Photography •

Our photography service supplies digital images in a timely manner so you can get on with  your research.

Even better, we supply and charge for images only of the required page or membrane and not everything within the document reference. This can be important when a single document reference encompasses hundreds of membranes or folios.

We charge for this service at an hourly rate in increments of 15 minutes. We supply you with working images by email to facilitate your research.

• Document Transcription • Document Translation •

We transcribe documents written in English in old handwriting and we translate from French or Latin into English. We can provide either a full transcription/translation of the information contained in the document or a summary of the key points where you have an interest.

Our transcription service is especially useful if you encounter old handwriting and prefer not to spend valuable time learning palaeography. Our translation service is useful in the same way if you encounter French or Latin documents in your research.

We charge for these services by flat fee or word count. We supply you with a document in English by email to facilitate your research.

• Research and Project Management • Troubleshooting •

The sky’s the limit. We’re equipped for pretty much anything. A job might be as small as interpreting a garbled document reference or as big as total project support.

We charge for research at an hourly rate in increments of 30 minutes or by flat fee. We charge for troubleshooting at an hourly rate in increments of 15 minutes or by flat fee.