Prices 2019


We are a small outfit and we enjoy building relationships with our clients. A good proportion of our business comes from satisfied customers coming back for more. Our professional hourly rates are flexible depending on your requirements, and include flat fees and capped rates for time-hungry projects.

For new clients, don’t forget that hourly rates for some services are charged in increments of 15 minutes. We also charge by increments of 30 minutes.

It might be more cost-effective than you think to hire a well-rehearsed professional to do the job.

Update for 2019: we’ve kept most of our prices the same for 2019 with the only change at the lower end of the hourly rate. To offset this, and to facilitate continuing accessibility to Core History’s services, we offer a no-fuss discounting option, of greatest interest to family historians working with private resources who are in full open discussion online regarding the results of their research, and relating to translations and transcriptions of popular types of documents (wills, inquisitions and similar).

Put simply, in return for a reduction on the final bill, some or all of the translated or transcribed document(s) be made available on this website for others to consult free of charge. We have yet to finalise the format and maybe also choose additional channels for these shared documents, but watch this space: there may be something of interest relating to your own research.

Professional work

Hourly rates are £35-£80 and word counts are £15 per 100 words. Estimates are available. We are open to negotiating flat fees or capped rates.

Out-of-pocket expenses

Visits to holdings and archives may entail expenses on items such as camera permits, access permits &c. Out-of-pocket expenses of this type are invoiced at cost price to the client.

Travel expenses may also apply. We advise in advance regarding proposed costs.

Invoicing & payment

You are provided with a fully-itemised invoice for each commission. Payment is in GBP.

Free of charge

We do not charge travel expenses for visits to The National Archives at Kew although other out-of-pocket expenses as above at cost may apply.

All preliminary enquiries are free.

We offer professional advice free of charge as a matter of course if it can be addressed in a preliminary enquiry in response to a specific question. This means that if we have some resources at our fingertips that costs us nothing to share, then we share.

Drop us a line and see how we can help.

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