Vintage vehicles at Mulberry Harbour

Festival of Normandy

The Festival of Normandy runs each year in Normandy, France, during the weeks around 6 June commemorating D-Day 1944. During the festival, visitors are treated to displays of vintage vehicles (land, air, sea) and events all across the region. Fewer and fewer veterans now attend, but those that can still make it are revered and respected way beyond celebrity. The festival dates for 2018 are 26th May to 10th June.

Vintage vehicles

These photos were taken on a festival day at Arromanches-les-Bains in 2015. Vintage planes swept the skies along the coast and all sorts of bands and displays were down in the town. There were also homages to veterans who were visiting.

There was a collection of vintage vehicles and, come the afternoon, they were parked up on one of the slipways to the beach attended by their owners dressed in period outfits.

Vintage WW2 amphibious vehicle probably American with duck logo

The duck logo was on an amphibious vehicle standing at the water’s edge, the tide lapping at its wheels. It’s a great logo conjuring energy and determination. That’s why we used it on the homepage of this website.

Detail of duck logo on vintage WW2 amphibious vehicle, probably American. Photo taken in Normandy 2015.

Mulberry Harbour

Arromanches is better known as the location of the WW2  Mulberry Harbour, the floating harbour constructed in the 1940s from hollow concrete blocks floated across the Channel. Blocks from the outer harbour wall and inner pontoons survive today. They can be seen and touched at low tide on the vast sandy beach at Arromanches. For more on Mulberry Harbour, click here.

The photo of the jeep below clearly shows a couple of the concrete blocks sitting on the horizon. The tops of other blocks are just visible along to the right also on the horizon. Next to the jeep’s flag is a sailing vessel with its masts showing white and, finally, very well-camouflaged, is the jeep owner in his vintage outfit.